Trail of tears

Discussion in 'Native American' started by Toni, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Toni

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    I'm sure that we are all familiar with the historical Trail of Tears that began in NC and ended in Oklahoma. Do you know of any legends that surround this piece of history? It has always intrigued me.
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    I don't know of any legends but there are bound to be some. It was a terrible piece of Native American history and many people died in the journey.
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    It decimated the tribe. The very young and a lot of the elders didn't make it through the whole trip. It's not the proudest bit of history of the USA. There is no way that this incident could ever be "made up" by the government. Especially since the tribe has been mired in poverty and despair ever since.
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    hmm well i am not aware of this dear :)
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    I've seen photographs in Asheville, North Carolina that showed descendants of some of these people living in the most ramshackle houses you can imagine. If we could undo history, I wonder if we'd chose to change how the new people treated the old people of the land. It certainly was a trail of tears.
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    I think, if we can take any lesson from humanity it would be that, in spite of our best efforts, humans repeat the same mistakes time and time again. Regardless of how many times we err, we still seem to fall into the same holes as our forefathers. If there is any proof of that, I think current events speak to that truth. With all of the violence and hatred and enmity present in the news and politics--I have so little faith in humanity but it is only because they, or we, have done so little to show we are capable of trying harder. Of doing better.

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