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Discussion in 'Celtic Mythology' started by Blackdogsanctum, Jul 26, 2017.

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    I'm American, but of Irish and Scottish decent on the one half. I am an Armstrong so obviously a Scottish clan, but I want to explore my roots starting from the beginning. I especially care about the locations now as I am in the U.K. For a month. I'll be back again surely to explore my history more. Meanwhile I want to know where I should go and what I should see to understand the Celts and what my ancestors saw and believed in, religion or magic. Can anyone help?
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    Well that is a pretty big question as there are loads of sites. I would definitely reccomend Butser Ancient Farm; while not an ancient site it will give you a great idea of what life was like in the Iron Age for our Celtic ancestors. In terms of religion and magic I think they saw magic, or whatever, everywhere and so lots of rivers had their own gods and goddesses, it was fairly common for them to place votive offerings in rivers and bogs.
  3. Blackdogsanctum

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    Thank you very much you've been very helpful! I appreciate it considering I'm very new to this

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    No probs, its my pleasure :D
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    I don't much on the topic, so can't help you too much there, but I would advise you to search through books, not the internet, on this sort of topic. Anyone can say anything anywhere online, and even change other people's entries! I don't know, I could be paranoid on that front, but still, I'd say books would be the way to go.

    Happy searching!

    E. M.

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