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Discussion in 'Greek Mythology' started by Travis, May 16, 2011.

  1. Travis

    Travis Member

    Who is your favorite character in Greek mythology? I am not a big fan of Hercules, Zeus, and the like. I like Athena. She is the goddess of strength, strategy, wisdom, civilization, female arts and skill, as if you didn't know.
  2. RLynn

    RLynn Active Member

    Hermes, of course. :) Apollo also is a fascinating character, as is Dionysus.
  3. EyeofZeus

    EyeofZeus New Member

    I agree Hermes is pretty cool. I like Odysseus too - So human
  4. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    I kind of Perseus. He is the most respectable character I think. The rest of them, from the heroes anyway, tend to be a little bit douchey, one way or another. Out of the gods, I'm not sure who my favourite is. So many.
  5. TheLoreman

    TheLoreman Member

    I like the fallen hero's. Prometheus, Icarus and Sisyphus.
  6. I'll go for Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon. Mysterious yet wild and powerful. ;)
  7. ApolloPriestess

    ApolloPriestess New Member

    Apollo and Artemis are hands down my favorite. Artemis is just so overlooked I think and to me she's one of the most unique goddesses of them all.
  8. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    From the gods, my favourite has always been Athene, and right after her, Aphrodite. I really enjoy the stories that surround Athene; that of Arachne, her birth which involved her popping out of Zeus's head in full armour, the transformation of Medusa, and even that Athene gets Medusa's head put on her shield. I like Aphrodite I guess because she is the goddess of love.
  9. i dont have a fav. if i did it would be between athena and pandora!
  10. Nadai

    Nadai Active Member

    I don't really know if you can call Icarus a hero. Icarus was the son of Dedalus...both human. Dedalus was the genius who created the labyrinth where the minator was kept. He escaped with his son by creating wax wings, but Icarus flew too close to the sun and plunged into the Icarian sea.
  11. Nadai

    Nadai Active Member

    I always loved Bacchus, he seemed like such a fun, laid back god; I wouldn't mind being one of his Bacchinals.
    I'm in love with Eros; I thought the story of Eros and Psyche was beautiful!
  12. TheLoreman

    TheLoreman Member

    I guess I consider him a hero because his character has endured. Though stricktly speaking he probably isn't a hero.. Semantics I guess...
  13. I love Athena, but Hermes is always entertaining. His tricks are clever-- like walking cattle backwards to lead trackers in the wrong direction.
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  14. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    Apollo -- I like him too. Not only is he the god of archery he is also the god of music. And I love music.
  15. My favourite characters are Aphrodite and absolutely Hermes!!!
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  16. Ren

    Ren New Member

    My favorite Greek deity is the winged goddess Victory, called the Nike. Nike, the company, derived their name from her but it is pronounced different. The Nike would fly down and alight on a ship during a major naval battle and announce the victor. Her image is also supposedly where we get our imagery of angels in Judeo-Christian art. The most famous example of the Nike in art is the Nike of Samothrace currently housed in the Louvre. Give it a google, she's wonderful.<>folder_id=9852723696500817&bmLocale=en
  17. Nadai

    Nadai Active Member

    Nike is an interesting goddess, though it would seem that she isn't a very popular one; there aren't many stories featuring Nike aside from when she is accompanying Minerva during battles. I think that the most beautiful image of them together is the recreation of the golden statue in Ancient Athens' Parthenon of Minerva holding Nike in her hand. I think it was actually shown in the movie Percy Jackson.
  18. Lorey

    Lorey New Member

    Somehow I kind of remembered that the name "Nike" came from somewhere, but I don't know why I didn't associate it with a Greek Goddess. Ha! They should have been having female spokespersons for the brand, but then maybe they wouldn't have sold so well, because guys would have thought them "girly".
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  19. DarkFolly

    DarkFolly New Member

    I think I like Athena best, but I also really like Artemis, Persephone, and the Muses. I like Athena because she's such a strong character and I like that she's the goddess of wisdom, civilization, warfare, strength, strategy, justice and skill as well as female arts and crafts. Makes me feel less silly for being interested in things like knitting as well as the history of warfare.
  20. ~DragonRider~

    ~DragonRider~ Member

    Who is your favorite character in Greek mythology? I am not a big fan of Hercules, Zeus, and the like. I like Athena. She is the goddess of strength, strategy, wisdom, civilization, female arts and skill, as if you didn't know.

    i TOTALLY agree!
    Likes- Athena, Hermes, Apollo, Hestia, Artemis, Odeyessus
    DIS- Apherdiote Dionysus and PARIS and the like​

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