The story of Endymion?

Discussion in 'General Mythology' started by lilyrose, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. lilyrose

    lilyrose New Member

    The story of Endymion?

    I was trying to find more info on this myth but I haven't had much luck. It is supposed to be about a young man and a moon princess. Has anyone heard of this before?
  2. jason

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    Apollnius of Rhoads is said to be a popular poet of this tale. There was another poet Licymnus who tells a slightly different tale.
  3. lilyrose

    lilyrose New Member

    Thank you very much for the information. I had never heard the full story before only bits and pieces. Apparently Selene was a very busy woman :D
  4. LyricB

    LyricB New Member

    The whole idea of women getting pregnant from sleeping men seems to be a pretty popular theme in mythology apparently.
  5. Slashmire

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    Hm perhaps it was a way to persuade a dad that you did not have actual sex before marriage, and you would go and invent a story on how it would be doable :)
  6. vicki2

    vicki2 New Member

    Oh, so a wolf in a narcoleptic's clothing???

    Some where in the recesses of this mind, I know I've read more about the recurring theme of sleeping men. Anyone know more?
  7. Melos

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    Well, I do know an awful lot of sleeping maidens ended up pregnant by the god's ... er... hands. And the gods were often in animal form at the time.

    An example is Zeus in the guise of a swan coming to Leda. Their joining resulted in two eggs - one of which hatched out as Helen of Troy.
  8. vicki2

    vicki2 New Member

    I have a dog named Zeus was his kennel name and we just kept it. I better keep an eye on that little guy!

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