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    People scoff at the idea of Sasquatch (also known as Bigfoot or Yeti) but if there wasn't a seed of truth to the legend, why would we find such a creature referred to in Native American mythology as well as several others throughout the world? I don't spend my life searching for proof but I do watch and read avidly when others chase the creature.
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    I find this sort of thing interesting, too. I wouldn't say I follow myth hunters avidly as they search, but I do like check out the odd documentation that comes my way. The Loch Ness monster is my number one fav.
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    Myrddin, I also love to hear new things about old Nessie. I mean, I definitely don't believe it's a sea monster, as such. But Loch Ness is super deep, almost like the ocean. They still haven't explored the entire bottom so who knows what sort of mutation or throwback species could be hiding in her depths?
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    Sightings of Sasquatch-like beings go back far too many centuries and across too many cultures that never encountered each other for it to be mere mistaken identification. These peoples weren't stupid, they lived off the land and knew the difference between various animals that inhabit these places. There's certainly some truth to the stories. Just like the world flood myth, it's too far-reaching to not be based in truth.

    Nessie, on the other hand, I find myself a bit skeptical of. Of course, I'm certainly open-minded toward the possibility. After all, the giant squid was once relegated to the world of myth and legend until one just washed up on a beach one day. But my interpretation of the evidence I've seen so far points more toward no than yes.
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