Present-day relevance of perseus?

Discussion in 'Greek Mythology' started by elafancy, Jun 3, 2016.

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    I am doing a project for my English class, and I have to do it on a myth. As you can see, I'm doing Perseus.

    I couldn't find any information on the present use of Perseus, nor relevance in contemporary culture or present-day society. Would anybody be able to answers these questions or link me to some resources? I could not find any discussing my questions.

    Thank you in advance :)
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    Hi elafancy, hope this is not too late

    Not sure if you are aware of Rick Riordan book series Percy Jackson, the main character defiantly has similarities to Perseus. This is a classic example of Greek mythology being adapted to fit modern day audiences.

    The only other example is the God of War games which directly use Perseus.

    Apart from that, there aren't many other examples. Hope this helps, hope this it what you were looking for.

    If you want any more examples just ask

    Yusof Bandar
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    I'm sure it's way too late, but I'm surprised no one mentioned the Clash of the Titans. The original is my fav. They're based on the Perseus myth.

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