Name A Mythological Figure!

Discussion in 'General Mythology' started by Draygonia, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Draygonia

    Draygonia New Member

    Name A Mythological Figure!

    This was in part why I signed up! Since this is about mythology, what would this forum be without a mythology figure thread?

    Basically, the rules are that you must name a creature/hero/legend, etc from mythology or anything thats basically fictional/non-existent, etc.

    I will start out by naming something I believe is from mythology...


  2. vicki2

    vicki2 New Member

    That's easy for me since I named one of my dogs ...ZEUS.
  3. Melos

    Melos New Member

    Let's stick with a Greek theme here :) -- Medusa the Gorgon
  4. palefrost

    palefrost New Member

    Persephone has always been my favorite. I love all the stories about her.
  5. Draygonia

    Draygonia New Member

    Hades! My favorite greek god :)
  6. jason

    jason empty

    Admin Post
    Ok, I'll stick with Greek too: Gaia
  7. Draygonia

    Draygonia New Member

    CHASM! My website revolves around him/her, so i take back my last post :D
  8. htmlmaster

    htmlmaster New Member

    You mentioned Zeus, so I'll say Hera (I think I'm spelling that right).
  9. Draygonia

    Draygonia New Member

    Aprodite... or is it aphrodite? I think the first spelling is the most correct.
  10. Honi

    Honi Graybeard

    Enkidu was a wild man living with the animals until he was tamed by the priestess Shamhat. He became Gilgamesh's close companion. It was the death of Enkidu that sent Gilgamesh on a search for immortality.
  11. Tealight

    Tealight New Member

    Loki Laufeyjarson.
  12. AcadianSidhe

    AcadianSidhe New Member


    One of my recent faves.
  13. Aegipan

    Aegipan New Member


    Fertility god, son of Pan and Aega who helped Zeus defeat Typhoon.
  14. castor

    castor New Member

    bare backed



    Bare is the back without a brother.
  15. AcadianSidhe

    AcadianSidhe New Member

    Whoa.... do you read Marion Zimmer Bradley?
  16. castor

    castor New Member

    I have read I think about 10 novels of her. :cool:

    I especially like Darkover landfall. Isn't this a phrase("bare is the back....) out of the novel Sword of the Aldones?

    More recently in run into the Nordic saga:: Grettir the strong which contains the following phrase:"

    Then cried Grettir, "Bare is the back of the brotherless." And Illugi threw his shield over Grettir, and warded him in so stout a wise that all men praised his defence

    If you are interested in the text it's now on-line:
    Grettir the Strong, Magnusson and Morris tr. index
  17. AcadianSidhe

    AcadianSidhe New Member

    It was that you just quoted almost exactly how the phrase turns up in her stories over and over. In the Darkover series tons, and a bit in Avalon.
  18. castor

    castor New Member

    Funny how memory plays trics on you . It seems it made a deeper impression on me than I realized.

    What do you think does the type of fantasy stories like the darkover-series rate as modern Mythology?
  19. AcadianSidhe

    AcadianSidhe New Member

    Honestly, I love the pantheon MZB creates, but I don't really read her books for the mythological aspects. Well, not Darkover, at least. I read them from a largely anthropological point of view. I love how she depicts culture clash and the differences and similarities between different peoples. I also love her attempt to marry science and magic. I tend to look at the Darkover series as more social commentary than modern mythology.

    I do really wish someone would come out with a detailed compilation of the Darkover myths and legends- especially the Hastur legend. You can only get so much out of the snippets she gives of the Ballad of Hastur and Cassilda.
  20. Laurel Tavington

    Laurel Tavington New Member

    Merlin... the solitary figure that connects ancient Brittan and the Christianized world.

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