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    There are so many urban legends of course, but I was wondering about any that reflect on today's society and culture. There don't seem to be very many.

    Here's one I have come across:
    "Sarah was a gamer and owned pretty much every game platform there was, whether on her television or computer. Stack after stack of adventure games, horror games, strategy games, puzzle games and everything in between lay about the flat she lived in with her friend Martha.
    "One day she and Martha were out shopping, the two of them poking around the mall checking out all the clothing stores. After a while, Sarah started to get bored of clothes shopping – it was really more Martha’s thing – so she left Martha to go into the next clothing store alone, and went herself into a nearby games store, agreeing to meet up in ten minutes.
    "The man who was behind the counter knew her personally, and he came up to her as soon she stepped inside and immediately drew her over to the counter.
    "'We have a game I haven’t seen before which just came in last week. Used, but one of a kind. Only copy ever made.' He pulled the game out from beneath the counter, to show her a case that was completely worn and illegible. 'The case may be completely worn out, I certainly can’t make out a word, but I checked the discs myself, and unlike the case they are completely intact.' Sarah looked at it with wonder, and knew she had to have it. Only one of its kind. She couldn’t pass it up.
    "She paid for the game, and left the store to find Martha already waiting outside for her. She saw her friend’s face fall with disappointment as she eyed the bag with the game in it.

    "As soon as she got home, Sarah loaded up the game and played it non-stop. Throughout the whole week she continued playing, only putting it down for classes and sleep. It was a Friday night when Martha announced she was going out and would be sleeping over at her boyfriends, and Sarah took the opportunity to play the night away. That was the last time anyone saw her alive.

    "The following afternoon, Martha returned home to find Sarah lying in the middle of the living room floor, dead, and in a pool of her own blood. Her screams brought the neighbours, who in turn brought the police. An investigation began, but nothing ever turned up and the case went cold. It was three months later that Martha noticed the game which Sarah had obsessively been playing was missing, and after a thorough search of her flat, she realized that the killer seemed to have taken it. He had.
    "And he would continue to sell it store to store around the country, killing the unfortunate gamer who bought it, and taking it back to sell again and again."

    Has anyone heard of any others?
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    Wow. I've never heard of this story, but it does sound interesting. I remember reading something similar in a book a few years ago; it was a compilation of stories by several authors, one of which was Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is the story to the best of my memory...

    The story was about a man who obsessively collected action figures from his favorite horror movies. He had thousands and thousands of dolls still in their packaging all throughout his apartment. There was a point when he was putting together a collection from his favorite horror movie in which the killer would torture his victims by removing their skin while they were still alive. The collector had been looking for this particular villain for many years when, finally, he found one online. The doll was being sold by an old woman who's husband had just passed away. Her husband had owned a store where collectables were sold and she was trying to get rid of his them. Knowing that the doll was worth thousands, the collector offered to pay the woman handsomely, but she refused and offered them to him for free. She gave him the address of her store and asked him to come and collect it immediately. The collector went to the store and collected the doll; even though the woman refused initially, the collector gave her several hundred dollars for the toy.
    That night the collector went home and immediately placed the doll on the shelf. Throughout the night the collector continuously examined the toy; he could not stop looking at it and touching it. Days later the man was still enthralled, so much so, that he felt he had to remove the doll from its packaging. The man took the toy down from the shelf and proceeded to slowly and methodically remove the doll from its packaging. After the collector freed the toy he spent the entire day examining it.
    Later that night, neighbors began to notice strange noises coming from the collectors apartment that were written off (the collector enjoyed watching horror movies very loudly so his neighbors were accustomed to the noise). By the morning police were called, the neighbors had complained of screaming all throughout the night. Police arrived to ask the collector to turn down the volume on his movie. Instead of finding the collector watching horror films, they found a mangled collector missing his skin.

    Scared the crap out of me to read it and scared the crap out of me again to rewrite it. I freaking hate dolls:mad:
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    Excellent story! I have heard of another very creepy doll story. Look up Molly Dolly or The Clown Doll. It is frightening!

    E. M.
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    That's awful. I remember another doll story, actually from the sequel of the book I mentioned previously. I actually liked this story.

    Two couples were on a road trip together. While on their trip they decided to spend a night at a haunted B&B. They stopped in in the afternoon and met with the owner of the B&B and toured the house.
    The house was very very old. It had been built buy a man in the 1800s as a gift for his new wife. The couple were seemingly happy, but apparently the husband was having an affair. One evening the two women came together, his wife and his mistress. By the next morning the wife was dead from several ax wounds and the husband was preparing to marry wife number two. For some reason the husband was never arrested for his wife's murder. One day, not long after, the man and his wife were both found dead, the woman from ax wounds and the man from knife wounds. Police suspected that the man had been trying to kill his second wife with the same ax as had been used on his first wife, but his second wife fought back and killed him in turn.
    After their deaths the house was boarded up, but reopened decades later as a house of horrors. The entire estate was filled with life-sized mannequins of the three in each room, each doll depicting different scenes from their lives. All three mannequins could be seen together arguing in the foyer. In the kitchen, mannequins of the first wife cooking while her husband waited at the table smoking his pipe. In the parlor, he and his second wife reading together. And in the cellar, mannequins depicting the gruesome death of the first wife, while in the master bedroom, the depiction of the husband killing his second wife.
    Some time later the property was sold again and became a haunted bed and breakfast. People could come and eat with the husband and his first wife in the kitchen and sleep in the bedroom where the second wife and her husband killed one another.
    The two couples toured each room in the house. As part of the tour, the two couples, along with the owner and a "psychic", participated in a séance. During the séance, one of the women became possessed by the ghost of the first wife. She claimed that her husband had not killed her. They ended the séance (the psychic became afraid, as did everyone else in he house, and refused to continue). The couples went on to bed that evening, but after the events of the evening they were all uncomfortable with sleeping in the rooms and so the first couple slept in the spare room while the second couple slept downstairs. Some time during the night the woman who had been possessed was woken up by a bad feeling, when she woke up she notice that the mannequin of the second wife was standing in their bedroom. She was surprised at first but then assumed her boyfriend had been trying to scare her and so went back to sleep. She woke up moments later because she heard a scream. When she opened her eyes, the mannequin was standing over her bed with an ax above her head. She screamed, waking up her husband, who grabbed her out of the bed and pulled her out of the room. The second couple were running up the stairs followed by the mannequins of the first wife and the husband holding a knife as the first couple were running down being chased be the second wife and her ax. The two couples were cornered and thought they were goners, but the mannequins of the first wife and her husband went for the second wife. The three scuffled resulting in the first wife being axed to "death". The husband and second wife began to scuffle and both lost their weapons. The second wife reached for the knife and stabbed the husband, but he was able to get the ax and cut her to pieces.
    The next morning the owner returned. When she saw the state of the house she called the police. Wax pieces were everywhere and the upstairs was destroyed. The two couples explained what had happened and, of course, no one believed them. The owner promised not to press charges if the couples left immediately. As they were left they passed the three mannequins in the foyer. As they went through the door the mannequin of the first wife turned her head and smiled. They all noticed this and ran to their car. As they were pulling off they each saw the mannequin raise her arm and wave goodbye.

    Apparently they figured out that the first wife had been killed by the mistress who then blackmailed the husband into marrying her. She then attempted to kill him, but he in turn, killed her.
    I actually really liked this story, though I thought it was pretty creepy too.
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    It is a very good story. And a definite creep factor.

    E. M.
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    Yes, Myrddin, it is a good one.
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    Trickster Toyman

    You know, modern media hype surrounding vigilantism-fantasy comic books creates some surprising space for 'copycat crimes,' and this subtle fear has itself become a modern urban legend.

    Remember those news stories of people committing copycat crimes modeled after Oliver Stone's controversial violence-glorification film "Natural Born Killers" [1994]?

    Well, since then, five Batman (DC Comics) films have been released and one high-profile Batman-adapted television series --- Gotham (Fox TV).

    Batman is a comic book superhero who tackles the criminally insane, and criminal insanity has been a hot topic in films and comics recently. Imagine this Halloween, someone dresses up as Harley Quinn, the mayhem-artist and nemesis of Batman, and goes on a wild crime spree.

    This sort of social consciousness comprises a new type of urban legend --- The Vigilante Tall-Tale.

    I know, this is merely speculation, but the gods may be worried...

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    One of my favourite shows. With a mix of superhero/supervillain origins and the standard crime show, it is just amazing. I really enjoy the ongoing plotline with Oswald Kappelpot, or Penguin.
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