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    I'm a skeptic, that is intrigued by myths and their origins. I know something of Norse and Greek mythologies, and a lot of the aboriginal lore from the Pacific Northwest.... some Inuk/Inuit/Ayeeskemo/Chip/Dene (northern).

    I've had firsthand encounters with ghosts and poltergeists, and they made sure that a NON-believer became a skeptic!
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    Welcome, Skeptic Sister, as far as I can tell, most posters do not literally believe in the myths. To most people, they are just fictional explanations of natural phenomena which were not scientifically exsplainable at the time of their creation.

    I tend to view them from the perspective of Joseph Campbell, to whom the myths represented Jungian psychological aspects of the human psyche.
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    Hi Skeptic Sister,
    we seem to be coming from somewhere similar. I'm simply an agnostic about the existence of the gods, which means that I do consider their existence to be one possibility. So far I seem to have been a minority of one.
    Cheers, Fibi Ducks.

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