Getting kids to read egyptian history

Discussion in 'History Talk' started by OracleLady, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. OracleLady

    OracleLady Member

    My nephew spent the day with me yesterday. He has been a reluctant reader, but he spent the entire day reading from his collection of Rick Riordan Olympus books. He's read them over and over again. I just read on this forum that Riordan has a new series on Egyptian history and am wondering if teens find them as enticing as they do the Olympus books. I so want him to develop a true love of reading.
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  2. CuriousAlice

    CuriousAlice Member

    I am always trying to inspire my little brother and sister to read a book. I have got them into horror novels for kids. I think that one great way to get him into Egyptian books is to take him to an Egyptian history museum. We have a big one in California but I'm sure there are others, or at least exhibits.
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  3. Athena

    Athena New Member

    CuriousAlice's recommendation for taking him to a museum is a wise one. If they have interactive learning exhibits, that's the ideal environment. If a child feels part of something, he or she will want to learn more about it.
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  4. Myrddin

    Myrddin Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to hear there are still some readers out there. I work at a library, and to be honest I have noticed that more and more people tend to gravitate away from the books and more towards the movies. Not there aren't any readers, I still see and notice a few people looking taking out books, but there are definitely more in the movies. Reading is so much better, it keeps your imagination active and there's more to learn from in books. The trick is to find something you like. Not that I don't like movies; I love them. I do still read as well, everyday in fact. Always before I go to sleep. Horror mostly, but other genres as well. There's just so much!
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  5. Athena

    Athena New Member

    Nothing on the screen will ever replace books, at least not for me. I love films and I appreciate the arts and creativity in its various forms. However, if I had to choose between a world of books and a world of video, I would choose books without hesitation.
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  6. Oak Leaves

    Oak Leaves New Member

    Once in awhile a book or a movie will spark a kid's interest and result in a life-long love affair with books. I believe television and the need to be entertained all the time thwarts a child's reading development more than it helps.
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  7. Isis

    Isis Member

    I think taking him to a museum is a great idea! You can spark an interest in Egyptian mythology and combine that with his interest in Rick Riordan's books to entice him to read his Egyptian series.
  8. RLynn

    RLynn Active Member

    When I was a little kid, there was no TV, only radio. It stimulated the imagination because there were no pictures, so you had to visualize what was happening. With TV and movies you can just sit there passively and take it all in with minimal mental effort. Books are the best, but reading them can be time consuming. Everything is so freaking fast paced nowadays!
  9. Joe

    Joe New Member

    I have to disagree because while many movies don't take any effort there are others that do. Film like every other art form has a majority of bad stuff but some good. Though I do like books film is my passion.
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  10. RLynn

    RLynn Active Member

    Yes, indeed. I have a few excellent movies in my collection. For example, the Bergman films make you think, and some David Lynch, and Wim Wenders, etc. I was referring to the majority of film and TV pablum. The average "Joe" :) doesn't like the kind of stuff that is intellectually challenging, except maybe murder mysteries (which I like too).
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  11. Rhonda Tharp

    Rhonda Tharp Active Member

    WIM WENDERS! Wings of Desire, Far Away So Close are awesome :)
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  12. RLynn

    RLynn Active Member

    Wings and it's sequel are great films! I've seen them multiple times. I still haven't seen Until the End of the World, which has quite a cult following. Although he didn't write it, he did an fine job as director of Paris, Texas.
  13. Rhonda Tharp

    Rhonda Tharp Active Member

    My husband got me hooked on him in the 90s. Love Until the End of the World.
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