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Discussion in 'Urban Legends' started by jason, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Do you believe the full moon brings out the emotions and other "madness" out of people?
  2. cuzido

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    Yes I do. I worked at the jail here for a short while and we always had the most arrest on the full moon. Also, my belief system has a lot to do with the moon and I do believe that people lose their inhibitions during the full moon cycle. There are lots of things that the moon has an affect on.
  3. Boudica

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    I think the moon affects people too. I work in customer service and people always seem to act differently, either more easily angered or just plain weird when there is a full moon.
  4. I'm a teacher; and anytime the faculty gets together throughout the day and unanimously agrees that their kids are out of control, someone always notes that it's a full moon.
    I absolutely agree.
  5. Isabelle

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    The full moon definitely affects peopel's behavior. I have worked with kids and in customer service and there is definitely a difference. I also worked as a nurse before and there were ALWAYS more babies born on a full moon.
  6. Nella

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    I worked as a restaurant manager for 10 years and I also would have to agree that the full moon does bring out the out of control, aggressive behavior in people.
  7. Rhonda Tharp

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    What do you teach?
  8. 10th grade American lit. and 12th grade British lit.
    I also work with the drama club and rifle team :-j
  9. The reason is all scientific...look at it this way ...your body is like the earth, 75% water..the moon controls the tides and what not of the ocean...and if the world/you is made of a lot of water then the moon will be able to control you as well as the earth!!!! Also i belive its a lot of spiritual and animalistic traits we still carry...well i do and people hate me for it....:D
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  10. Chintai

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    While I think the full moon effect is valid and measurable I also notice strange things happen when the planets are aligned! People seem scatty, restless and a little bit wild on those days.
  11. i agree but its all science my dear...thats all lol me im just very animalistic in everything that i do and peole are scared of me because of it....:)
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  12. Wotan

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    the full moon efects me, whenever there is a full moon I play my vynle of Ozzy's "Bark at the moon" :p
  13. RLynn

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    Apparently there is a correlation between the full moon and anomalous behavior, but there is no scientific explanation. The mass of a human being is so relatively small that the effect of the moon's gravity on an individual is physically insignificant. However there seem to be many phenomena which occur outside the confines of natural science, hence the term supernatural. If science were to give as much attention to inner space as it does outer space, we might make some progress toward understanding the paranormal.
  14. Allie-Gator

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    Wotan-WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO, HOOT, HOOT, HOOT! Now that I've got the obligatory Ozzy celebration out of my system!

    I was an OB nurse for quite a few years. We always had a bunch of deliveries during the 2-3 days before the full moon and 2-3 days after. We also had a lot of delivers if it was going to rain or snow, any type of falling weather. Weird but it happened.
  15. DLegend

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    I could go with this explanation as it is possible. I don't know if the animals also show different characteristics when the moon is full. Personally though, I feel good when there is full moon.
  16. RLynn

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    It's the cumulative effect of the moon's gravity on massive bodies of water that causes tides. For example, it doesn't do anything to a bucket of water. Last night I did a few computations using Newton's law of gravity. At the moon's average distance from the earth, the force it exerts on a 150 lb object (such as a person) is approximately 0.00012 oz, which is probably less than the weight of a speck of feather down.

    By the way, the moon's gravity doesn't have any special affinity for water. It's just that water is relatively easy to deform. A gentle breeze over a large expanse of water can create a wave, but it won't budge a rock.

    To get back to mythology, it is probably a myth that Newton discovered gravity when he got hit on the head by an apple falling from a tree under which he was sitting. :)
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  17. justbelieve

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    I do believe that "full moons" bring out the worse or "animal" in people. I really do. I find it odd that a lot of babies were born on full moons or close to a full moon. That is something that I had never heard of before. It's pretty interesting.
  18. LegendofJoe

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  19. Ladyhawk

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    I can't say that I've observed people going crazy or wild during a full moon, but I know that the idea itself isn't old. We shaped the calender around the moon's phases, and because the moon does tend to affect things like water and animals, I really wouldn't find a reason why it wouldn't affect human beings as well. There's just no evidence though.
  20. Isis

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    I'm glad you mentioned it! The physics geek in me cringes whenever people bring up "the moon affects the fluids in our bodies" theory. No offense to anyone on here, of course.
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