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Discussion in 'History Talk' started by greekgoddess31, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. greekgoddess31

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    With everyone speculating on who our next president will be and the primaries coming up, I thought it would be a good time to mention that on this date in 1790, George Washington gave the first State of the Union. I wonder what that was like? I wonder if it is written down anywhere so that we could compare it to today's.
  2. Setharoth

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    I would imagine just as full of bologna as today's State of the Union addresses. If a politician ever got up there and said, "yeah, the economy sucks but I'm trying my darnedest to improve it", I think I'd vote for them forever. Half of what they say is such double-speak that it doesn't actually mean anything.
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  3. Rhonda Tharp

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    I like to remind my students that society finds it easier to focus on one person rather than the 535 people in the House and Senate that make the laws...
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  4. Toni

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    The 535 is where we really need to be focusing since they have some control over the one. The one is certainly the most visible though. I'm surprised he hasn't been impeached yet and wonder why not.
  5. RLynn

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    On what grounds? The Constitutional grounds for impeachment and removal from office are "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors".
    This brings up some interesting questions. Would Nixon have been impeached had he not resigned? Did Clinton's indescretions merit impeachment? Andrew Johnson's impeachment seems to have been politically motivated. What a shame that was! Being a Southerner as well as a staunch advocate of the Union, he might have helped heal the division between the North and South.
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  6. Toni

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    Maybe not lawfully RLynn but from where I sit, ethically, morally and "for the people" have not been in this man's vocabulary. The last straw for me was considering taking 401K's and tying that in with Social Security to help fund the deficit in Social Security. That's just WRONG!!
  7. greekgoddess31

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    Toni, unfortunately you can't impeach someone because you don't like what he proposes. Don't forget he can only do so much with what he has been dealt and the 401K AKA the privatization of Social Security is an idea that the Congress has been kicking around for awhile now.

    Rhonda, I agree. Everyone blames Obama for not following through when he has done everything he promised but the 535 are holding up the works. They make the laws. All he can do is point them in the direction he would like them to go. If they don't stay on the trail you can't blame him.
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  8. RLynn

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    The ultimate power over the president is the electorate, not the legislature.
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