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    In Welsh mythology, who/what was Euroswydd? Perhaps a god or some other sort of supernatural entity? Is there any information by this dude apart from the story about him somehow imprisoning the sea-god Llŷr so that he could have his way with Llŷr's wife [and half-sister?] Penarddun, thereby fathering the sons Nisien and Efnisien upon her? No payback from Llŷr at any point? Also, any idea what his name means?
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    I don't know what academics say, but in Welsh, 'swydd' has a root meaning for purpose or intent (swydd = job), and 'euros' means to gild (eurof = goldsmith). Whether that sheds light on who Euroswydd was or what he did, I'll wait and hear your comments.
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    Ah... "Job" as in "work" or "profession"? Considering how many characters in Welsh mythology are bluntly named for their physical appearance or for their profession, perhaps Euroswydd was the "Professional Gilder" (but like as in literally)? And if there's any truth to that then maybe he should be associated with Llŷr's brother Gofannon, the smith-god.
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